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Welcome to the The Asset Reliability Roadmap Web site. Our goal is to provide free useful information to industry based maintenance and reliability professionals that will help to simplify the journey to asset management excellence and improved reliability.

Its been a while since I have had a chance to update the site as quality content always takes time and effort to generate. With this in mind  I would be glad to post any readers work that is relevant to Maintenance, Reliability and Asset management in general. If you would like to contribute send articles to:


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Ensuring Plant Maintenance work does not create process bottlenecks. With there being a never ending need for manufacturers to produce at reduced cost, all opportunities to improve output must be investigated and exploited to maintain a competitive advantage. One strategy in improving output is to review and address the conditions or events that restrict the output of production facilities, which is often referred to as bottlenecking. read more.

The Eight Critical Elements of Asset Management Survey Report. All 4 Parts of the report are now available. An in depth industry based survey. Between May and November 2009 a survey on the eight critical elements of asset management was conducted with over 250 responses. This article is the first three of four installments related to the results from this survey. read more

The following article is featured in the July 2009 issue of the Asset  Maintenance Management Journal.

How do Continuous Improvement Management Philosophies relate to the Maintenance function?Most of us have heard terms such Lean Manufacturing, the 80/20 rule, TQM, TPS, Kaizen, 5S and TPM. They are all management philosophies that can be applied to the practical aspects of a business including the maintenance function, but quite often maintenance becomes a passenger in a businesses effort to apply new philosophies. This paper breifly explains some of the more common continuous improvement management philosophies and describes how they can be related to the maintenance function. read more

Asset Maintenance Strategy Review must be a living program. (Featured on “Reliable Plant” web site.) At some stage in your facilities life cycle, decisions were made related to what maintenance would be completed on your assets and how often it would occur. Often these decisions are never questioned and the logic behind the decision is lost when the people that initiated them leave the business. For Asset Maintenance strategies to remain effective over the life of the plant there must be an element of continuous review. In effect your Maintenance Strategies must be a “living program”. read more

Building an Electrical Maintenance program. (Featured on “Reliable Plant” web site) Electrical control and distribution systems are generally complex and expensive assets that need to be effectively maintained so they operate at optimum performance over their serviceable life. It is common to find that there has been significant effort applied to managing mechanical assets, with less focus on electrical equipment. There are many reasons as to why this is the case, but the reality is that the way asset management programs are developed should be applied equally to Electrical and Mechanical components of the asset. read more

The Skills Shortage: An Alternative Approach. By Cliff Williams, Operations Maintenance Manager at Erco Worldwide. We don't take advantage of the tools we already have to help  deal with a rampant skills shortage in industry. Why aren't we using them? read more

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